Friday, 13 November 2015

Smashing Time

Lemon and McCartney

"The Goliath Window" here.
The fourth in Jonn Finnemore's beautiful "Double Acts" series (industry secret: The fourth episode of a series is always the best). SEE how much sleep I got the night before the recording like a proper professional not staying up late all excited like a chancer. HEAR all the lovely stupid sounds John wrote for me to make. WONDER whose bare flesh that is actually being slapped. (It's not mine, I know that - I was holding a script). KEEP up, as six-thousand perfectly selected words are delivered in just under twenty-seven minutes - surely a record! LISTEN to the others too - they're no Episode 4 obviously, but they're still gems and have people in it who are excellent and famous and probably got some sleep.

And on the subject of double-acts, and male modelling, and slapping flesh, and a thinky one and a punchy one, the Monster Hunters return with brand new Hallowe'en webcast "The Doll's House" here.

Featuring me as Sir Maxwell House (no relation... although very possibly a relation to Mark in The Goliath Window, let's face it... voices) and perfect for a Friday the 13th, this beauty features Sir Maxwell posing for a waxwork, lots of unnerving snickering in the dark, Lorrimer Chesterfield's flat getting further annexed by idiots, and Roy Steel facing the very real chance he might be losing his lady powers. Well, I mean, time moves on, Roy. It's won't be the seventies for ever. And what would the Monster Hunters look like in the eighties, eh?


The most off-putting opening credits ever? 

 (If any of you do fancy braving the pilot episode, let me know in the comments below 
where in God's name you think the ZANY first scene is supposed to take place.)

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Clean Shirt

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"@slepkane has requested pictures of Don Draper illustrated with Mark from Peep Show quotes. Please encourage this."
I have my reasons.
Huge thanks to @Bright0nKath, @untiltheygo, and in particular to @MrJamesBachman, who did nearly all of these and came up with the hashtag #MadMenWithVen.
(And apologies, obviously, to Jez.)
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Peepshow starts ending this Wednesday. You probably know that.
Mad Men - with its roads not taken, era-defining attention to detail, existential angst, heart-breaking sex addiction, trouser-wetting, office-shitting, lawnmower injuries, revenge vomit and aging child cast - was very definitely the American it.
But that ended.
And now Peepshow - which did it all first - is ending.
Or returning, depending on your POV.
I hope Jez gets that Honda account.

"There are a lot of television rules about story-telling that I didn't believe in... 
like, that you can't tell an internal story... that that's only for novels."

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