Monday, 16 June 2014

Whuh... What's happening to me?!



inspired by this Alex Schomburg illustration, from the ever-inspiring 70s sci-fi art...

"How do you like travelling in our new hover vehicle, Zepina?"
"Guys, it's amazing! Which one of you is steering?
"Um - We both are?"
"Cool! Oh, here's a good spot. Can you set us down here?"
"Okay. Hold on to something."
"Hold onto- Why- OW! FUCK ME!"
"It's okay. It's okay"
"What the fuck- !"
"We're just tilting. It's fine, Zepina. That's just how it parks. Excuse m- "
"OW! I'm getting out. How do I get out? Where's the door?"
"... Ah."
"Um. It's that hatch."
"It's not opening! Why isn't it opening?!"
"It's fine, it's fine. Just - Okay, everyone move to the other side of the vehicle -"
"We fell on the wrong side. It's fine! Just move- Everyone move really quickly... NOW!"
"Okay... we nearly had it. And AGAIN..."

Nice aerial though.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Hey, hey, I'm the Monkees.

Remember how I occasionally went on about that film I wanted to make of "The Secret Agent"? Well this isn't it, but it has a tang. Presenting: Mirrorboy -


Gerard suggested making a video for the song after he saw me perform it at the fundraiser where my friend Katy broke her fist punching a fish which is why we have rehearsals. Gerard also suggested the locations, mixed the track and kept the camera rolling as I attempted to restage some happy accidents. So we had a hoot, met some Father Christmasses, and fourteen months later here's the finished article. Enjoy responsibly.

And if you liked that, or even if you thought "Seven bloody minutes?" there's more of Gerard's magic here, featuring a robot, Nick "Colonel Dalby" Lucas, and a proper song from possibly London's Last Londoner.